About Us

Our History

About Us - Doing Business Since 2016 on Cayman Island

Once I did a hair induction when I was in high school. It was the time when my love for beauty took its initial turn. I have loved transformations since childhood so I used to visit the hairstylists twice a week to have my hair done. I tried many career paths but later I understood my interest was just in the beauty industry. I decided to join the beauty school. There, I studied nail care and artistry. I learned about magic nails, nail spas, royal nails, lux nails, Bella nails, US nails, and posh nails as well. Now I provide satisfactory services to my clients with our beauty supply.

Over the years, it has always been my dream to bring out the feeling in others that I would have when getting pampered at the spa. In light of that, The Salon was established in 2016, where we're all about beauty that is centered around your well-being.

We outfit a group of beauty experts and hair stylists who represent considerable authority in hair and beauty services. We are located on Grand Cayman's famous lush 7 Mile Beach and strive hard to offer exceptional services to every customer. With our extensive experience and knowledge in the beauty industry, we have figured out the most effective and result-oriented products to meet each individual’s hair and skin needs. We rely on Pump, Olaplex, and Brazilian Blowout for hair care and The Ordinary for skin care.

Sit back, relax and enjoy a glass of wine, tea, or coffee!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with quality services through our highly skilled and creative professionals and hair stylists. Moreover, we let you stay in a comely and friendly environment. Our team builds and maintains satisfying relationships with clients through our best services beauty supply. All your beauty needs will be precisely fulfilled in our diverse cultured salon.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance your inner beauty and confidence with our new and trending edge-cutting and facial. Our hair stylists will keep you up with the latest techniques with global best practices. Whether you want braids for hair braiding or the best hair treatments and hair styling, the hairstylists in The Salon will make your hair look stunning.

Why Choose Us

We Enhance Your Appearance With Our Top-class Services.

Hair and beauty are the two crucial factors when it comes to good looks. Everyone strives to enhance their physical appearance, and therefore, we are here to help you look gorgeous with the help of our hairstylists, nail technicians, and beauty experts!

Professional Team

The members of our team do their jobs perfectly. They work to make you glamorous and stunning. You can be the best version of yourself with the help of our hairstylists and beauty experts.

Affordable Prices

We know the worth of your money and we value it too. You will get high-quality work at very reasonable and affordable prices. Our deals will make you amaze.

100% Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the top priority for every member working at The Salon. Our experts will make you feel beautiful and confident.